We Are What We Listen To Or One’s Musical Garbage Is Another One’s Musical Treasure!

I have been writing about the pure JOY of music for a number of years now. That is, JOY from a listening, performing and creating perspective. Next to my family, music is everything to me. I teach, preach, perform and CREATE music.

I am extremely passionate about the improvisation component of JAZZ but still get goosebumps from Beatle tunes; dig in to Tower Of Power; put on my attitude with The Who; close my eyes and teleport with Charles Ives; remember fondly with Oldie Goldy radio stations and LEARN from the music my kids dig; ETC. …

To create music that is believable, I have to acknowledge my roots, even if it is only a tipping of my hat because, all I am really interested in, is what is happening NOW, as it evolves into the future.

I respect Pat Metheny a lot. Besides his uncanny ability to reinvent himself, I love listening to his honest, progressive musical ideas as they reflect NOW and respect the PAST but are clearly NOW, pointing toward the FUTURE.

Past Meets Future

You can’t have a NOW without a PAST and you can’t have a FUTURE without a NOW! Think about it!


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