“Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better!”; Actually, If You Can Do Better, I Can Say I Taught You!

I have found that a lot of educators are very selective in attitude and with knowledge that they part with. I can only guess that it’s a security/ego kind of thing that prevents a teacher from going the extra mile for a student who has the goods with go-for-it attitude and/or ability.

I start to re-evaluate my own motives for teaching around this time every year as I see my students preparing for recital.

Along my own path, I have had some pretty miserable experiences with teachers whom I really admired- they actually burst my bubble as far as my “pedestal” viewpoints of them as people/artists/educators went. However, having turned these sour experiences into useful reminders, they have actually kept me grounded all these years and allowed my teaching “craft” to evolve without burnout.

My teaching philosophy is really quite simple; if all my students learn how to think, feel and relate for THEIR OWN purposes on their instrument, they will have learned a lot from me!

My push is setting the student up to fly on their own… not for them to become a mini-me!

Great Lesson Riyaaq! This little drummer has a BIG sound. Riyaaq means business- make no mistake about it!

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