The Grapes Of Jazz, Aural Stimulation For The Palate Part 1 Of 4

We exist in an environment of sensory perception.

Humans have always tried to “grab” what ever appealed to them and savor it in a way that suits them. If its too loud, one turns it down; too hot, one waits or cools it down; too bitter, one adds sweetener, etc… .

It seems that we are always trying to improve all our sensory experiences to suit our individual tastes.

  • Recorded sound (i.e. music): mono>stereo>quad>Qsound, etc…
  • Visual (i.e. films): black & white>color>3D, etc…
  • Comfort (i.e. clothing): functionality>convenience>fashion
  • Taste (i.e. food): heat>seasoning>presentation>pairing, etc…

We are always trying to enhance our experience. After playing wine festivals, house parties and doing this with both live AND recorded music for years, I have developed a very enjoyable addition to my professional services with this particular pairing.

I am presenting this four part CBC radio series, The Grapes Of Jazz I did a while ago.

  1. Romance
  2. Breakup
  3. Business
  4. Reunion

The purpose is two fold:

  1. To enhance four particular experiences pairing JAZZ with wine
  2. Provide a vehicle for someone who has a budding interest in JAZZ and doesn’t know where to begin.

As a career musician, I have breathed, composed, performed and taught JAZZ for many years. As for the wine, I really enjoy it!


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