Digging Your Musical Roots Or Don’t Forget Where You’ve Come From!

When I was a kid, all we ever did was eat, drink, play & think about music. Really, that’s all we cared about. Things are no different for me all these years later except, that I put my FAMILY first… THEN everything else is MUSIC.

I have always counseled/warned my students on two non-negotiable facts if they have indicated that they want to pursue a career in music.

  1. You better really want it because, if there is one iota of a doubt, you will never “live” happy.
  2. If you cannot connect the dots of music education, emotion and life experience to the music you create (any genre), you will never communicate with your  audience.

Believing in the above, as well as staying connected to my roots allow me to keep moving along my musical path while weathering life in general.

My roots… let’s see… when I was 10 years old, I saw Ringo in the Beatles and that was it for me; that is, until I saw Keith Moon and the Who, that was really it for me; that is until I saw Buddy Rich, that was really, really it for me; etc.. But, those were influences- a part of my roots to be sure but really, it’s all about my growing up in Toronto and most of all the the “Toronto Sound”. My time frame from 1962 to 1973 will always run in my blood no matter what musical adventure I am on.

I lived to sneak into clubs to watch Luke & The Apostles, Ugly Ducklings, David Clayton Thomas & The Shays/Bossmen, Jon, Lee & The Checkmates, Paupers, Five Rogues/Mandela, Grant Smith & The Power, Dr. Music; names like Luke Gibson, Mike McKenna, Skip Prokop, Danny Marks, Doug Riley, Dave Wilcox to name a very small fraction- I feel that I am related to them as family and I keep them close to me with every note I play all these years later.

“Be True To Your School”– Brian Wilson

*An interesting side note is that my grandfather Henry Faber had a clothing store across from The Friars Tavern and he made suits for a lot of musicans on the scene!*

The Original Henry Faber

My Grandfather Was A Huge Influence On Me; Bought me My First Drum


This was my first “epic”. I wanted it to have every musical emotion that I had experienced emotionally to that point; kind of a meeting of past, present and future. A real hat tipper to all my musical influences.


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