Seeing The Sun Rise Or Living To Create Another Day

Ya, we all have those days when, to quote a very dear friend, “we have to pick our faces up off the floor“. Everyone at some time or another has wondered why we do the things we do day in and day out. I have been lucky my whole life with this.

The choice was made for me when I was young. I always knew I wanted to create. At this stage, it’s more like I have to create. Creating something from nothing is so special; an art concept, a poem, a piece of music…

I am a COMPOSER. I utilize music, musical instruments, music technology and SOUND in general to create. Creating is everything to me and I REALLY mean it when I create.

Now, that being said, I really hope you get something out of what I create, that means a lot to me. However, if you don’t, I still have to keep on creating. Key words being have to, as it’s kind of like a burning thing that has to constantly be satisfied, quenched.

I approach life with a kind of gusto that filters down to what I wrote above. Every aspect. And, I love the process as well as the prospect of it!

Like I said…


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