After The Gig, The Internal Debriefing

You ask yourself, “How did it go?”.

After many years I have concluded that how it went is really a matter of perception, that is, one of three perceptions:

1. How the audience perceived your performance.

2. How you perceived your performance.

3. How you actually performed.

For me, it’s all about the audience. That is who I create for; if they are into it, I can at the very least keep punching, honing and evolving. It’s like looking in the mirror; you’ve got be able to look yourself in the eye and know that YOU are a SINCERE work in progress.

So when you do “that” gig that doesn’t pay very much, make sure you do it for the right reasons and make sure you are at peace with yourself and remember why you started on your musical path to begin with.

There have been many times when, at the end of my gig, I have thought, man, you were on fire tonight, you could do no wrong! And nobody pats me on the back or compliments me.

Other times when it’s like, what am I doing here, it feels like I have never done this before in my life! And as I try and shrink away at the end of the gig, people come up to me and say things like, you were amazing, can’t wait until the next one, great playing… It all just keeps evolving so, I guess will just keep evolving and go with it!


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