Preparing For The Gig; A Love To Hate/Hate To Love Proposition

The process of preparing, for me, is more a mental approach than physical. First off however, I want to make it clear- this is about an ARTFORM gig, NOT general business (i.e. wedding, Bar Mitzvah, wake, etc.)

Laying your heart on the table is not easy but, necessary. If you have something to say, you need to say it with sincerity AND conviction.

My priority is to be HEARD. As important to me as wanting people to enjoy my music is, being HEARD, period, is first. Without this, the other isn’t possible.

So, in preparation for the gig, mentally I take stock of why I endeavored to be involved with music in the first place. These reasons are key for ME to have the piece of mind to physically prepare the music involved.

MY next issue is, that I wish to communicate with my audience. To do this, I remind myself of my time/experience with my instrument and my successes in performance. THAT IS- THE POSITIVES; and I capitalize on those mentally and physically.

I really believe experience + sincerity will make your performance accessible AND therefore possible for the audience to enjoy and GET your passion.


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