Two Marriages: My Beautiful Wife & Me; My Music & Me

Duke Ellington wrote a book, Music Is My Mistress (Da Capo Paperback); for him it was just about the music. As for me, I need both entities in order for me to ACCESS my abilities.

I explain to people (sometimes because I want to and sometimes because I HAVE TO) that the two most important areas of my life are, my family and my music. It seems, quite natural I suppose, that individuals who are not involved with any/either of these entities, wouldn’t actually understand just what is entailed.

It’s amazing how much these relationships have in common. Both demand a work ethic; both demand constant attention; sincerity and honesty are definitely common threads.

I have come to realize that you is or you ain’t with both relationships- you simply can’t fake either. I have been most fortunate that in MY life; there has never been a doubt in either relationship.

It is also true that combined, they make me WHOLE, COMPLETE.

Life, is VERY GOOD!


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