To Me, All Art Forms Are Really The Same- Only Different!

I have concluded that dance, music, art disciplines etc. are really all the same. The learning, acquiring experience, avenues for making a living AND politics run a real life parallel. I have found, through the years, that there seems to be a genuine simpatico between people of different disciplines when they are in fact genuine. I really love when they crossover and work together (i.e. music w/art; dance w/music; film w/music).

Art By Gordon Rayner; Drummer For AJB

Recently an artist friend of mine told me about a very interesting group of jazz/art musicians. I am posting this little bit of info with the hope that someone may send further links, sites, etc. my way as I can’t seem to find much about them. I would have loved to hear and see them in action (maybe there is some footage, audio etc.).

Artists’ Jazz Band (AJB), a pioneering Canadian free-jazz group initially composed of Toronto visual artists associated with the abstract-expressionist movement of the late 1950s. Collectively self-taught, it was formed in 1962 in a studio over the First Floor [jazz] Club by Dennis Burton, who played saxophone, and Richard Gorman, who played bass – both were members only briefly – with Graham Coughtry (trombone), Nobuo Kubota, (saxophones), Robert Markle (tenor saxophone and piano, b 1936, d 1990), and Gordon Rayner (drums). It has included on a casual basis many other artists and musicians – including Bill Smith, Michael Snow, the bassist Jim Jones, and the guitarist Gerald McAdam – sympathetic to its adventurous style of spontaneously composed music. The AJB has generally performed in private (e.g. for many years in Rayner’s downtown loft) but has given occasional concerts at universities, galleries, and clubs in Ontario and was influential in the development of free jazz in Toronto during the 1970s. Some of its infrequent performances during the 1980s were made under the name An Artists’ Jazz Band.-   Artists’ Jazz Band

Very, very interesting stuff!


It’s Not About Jazz, Rock, Country Etc.. It’s About MUSIC

The categories are for the consumer. It’s not about Jazz, Rock, Country, etc.. It’s about MUSIC. I enjoy all genres.

I became addicted to Kids by MGMT when I heard some guys I work with listening to it.

KIDS is a simple tune that caught my ear and wouldn’t let go! I just had to hear it on vibraphone.