Do We Love Music Technology Or Do We Love The Possibilities It Yields?

The Screwdriver: Don't You Just Love SIMPLE Things That REALLY are useful.

Some people love gadgets. Some people collect and display gadgets. They love tinkering with them, figuring out how they work and showing them off.

I hate gadgets. I don’t care how they work. I do however, LOVE what they can do.

When drum machines came out, drummers were bummed that they took away income potential; this expanded into sequencers, samplers etc.; I embraced all these developments as they provided me with a playing field that I may not have been able to be involved with.

With the technology, I can actually keep a rehearsal band at my fingertips 24/7!

These marvelous tools have allowed me to access areas of creativity for both my art form and my income potential that otherwise may have not been as readily available.

Every musician needs an identity or vehicle to SWIM WITH THE POD; the instrument of choice becomes a tool of self expression that allows one to organize one’s passion into a PRESENTABLE format; necessary and healthy.

The technology DOES NOT REPLACE musicians; technology, when approached wisely, ENHANCES musicians’ presence when presenting, competing and expanding their professional prowess.

Technology bores me: I am fascinated by what I can accomplish with it! If I had my way, I’d sit around playing my vibraphone and composing at a desk with pencil and manuscript the way I was trained; with the technology, I can do that PLUS!

All on a Mac Plus... circa 1986. Still standing! Logo: Henry Faber


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