Big Fish/Little Fish

When I first started out, it was it was all about the Big Apple, NYC. Being from Toronto, my sights were on NYC if I wanted to be where the action was, prove myself, whatever.

Years later after experiencing the USA, that is studying, living & performing in Boston, NYC, Philly & up and down the coast from Miami to Maine for 10 years, I have come to certain conclusions.

Happiness begins with WHY you do what you do; NOT WHERE you do what you do.

Years later I ended up in Calgary AB, Canada. All everyone ever talked about was going to TORONTO! Talk about irony!

After 18 years in Calgary, I have come full circle and have been back in my home town Toronto, for 5+ years now. I have reconnected, networked with all my good friends, colleagues & reunited with my family. Not only am I creating the best music so far in my career but, I am the most at peace with myself.

Since I was 9 years old, I always knew what I wanted and was meant to do- ABSOLUTELY NO QUESTION! I just had to learn HOW!

Calgary & Boston however, will always have a special places in our hearts!


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