Crafting A Melody: Ya, But Can You Whistle It!

Happy Face Whisler

melody |ˈmelədē| noun (pl. -dies)
a sequence of single notes that is musically satisfying

Well, there it is- that’s all you have to do and you have written a melody. However, sit down and try to do it and you will find it’s easier said than done!

I think that passion, experience and luck are the key components as there really are no rules. To write (compose) to a theory or set of rules leads nowhere. To analyze why something works is healthy; to construct a parallel from a theory will not work.

The ear is moving on as we breathe, so theory is only good for understanding what has been done to this moment. It only sheds some light on where the possibilities are for what’s coming next.

A melody that I REVERE academically and emotionally is haunting me: Suzanne Vegas’ Tom’s Diner. It has been my companion ever since it was released.

For me a good melody connects memories to emotions; after becoming ONE entity, that melody becomes part of one’s personality, makeup.

Suzanne Vega’s music really speaks to me. I love all versions of Tom’s Diner- I just had to experience it on vibraphone!


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