Listening Is Perhaps THE Real Art Form

We should all have SUCH EARS

Music is about listening. Whether you are on the receiving or creating end, listening is essential.

As a listener, you need to listen in a way that will allow your emotions to receive the message intended by the performer(s). For instance, if you are talking during a performance, YOU will most certainly miss out; for that matter, if someone else is talking, YOU will miss out.

To music students, listening is crucial to connecting their instrument of choice (vocals included) to the music. I have noticed over the years that a lot of my students get through the initial stage of technically conquering a concept only to move on before actually FINDING the music in that particular concept.

Memorization is certainly the first building block toward FINDING the music. Counting is an organizational tool which should be discarded once the concept is recognized and felt. Finding the MUSIC in every concept, whether it’s a technical exercise or a piece of composed music, is to find that concept’s essence!

Listening, a concept worth mastering in all aspects of life…


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