“I’m Dancin’, I’m Dancin’ !”- Olive Oyl (AND I SINCERELY HOPE YOU LIKE IT)

Reducing the distance between the stage and my audience has always been my thrust. The idea of including the listener in every stage of my music is essential to what I wish to communicate and/or state.

When I get an idea for any music I compose, I put a sketch together based on a theme that I hear in my head. If this theme stays with me while I develop it, I see it through to a state of completion. Although I don’t compose for a particular market (unless it is a “job”), I consider each step from the listeners’ point of view; that is, I put myself in the audience as if I were listening to me. I do this to make sure I am communicating my ideas and making them accessible.

I need my audience. Besides the obvious, I need the exchange of energy so, I start building toward this right from conception.

I really enjoy playing. So I talk to the audience in a way which allows me to include them with my experience. I have done things like getting them to clap to odd time signatures and warned them not to stop or there would be a “train wreck” on stage! I tell them a brief history of a tune/artist and how much it means to me to play it. Anything to encourage connection.

For me, my whole musical world is a give and take scenario and I really treasure that exchange on every level!

For Me, This Is As Good As It Gets!:



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