What Am I Here, Chopped Liver- I Make Music For A Living!

You Love To Eat It, DON'T YOU?

You Love To Eat It, DON’T YOU?

I am not sure when I decided to live, breathe and devote my life to music but, I AM sure I never wanted to do anything else. I know the ingestion period of study and experience needed for development will literally never be completed until I cease to breathe and even then, I am not really sure…

Through the years, several family members have asked me how much I make, why do I do it, how can I do it… my answer is complex and yet simple at the same time.

I get paid on SO MANY levels; anyone who isn’t involved can’t really be expected to grasp this and the JUDGEMENT emanating from “loved ones” (depending on background) can in some cases be devastating.

The whole concept of BEING an artist (no matter what the discipline), is born out of passion which might also include a NEED to CREATE. I have always figured that YOU are on the planet anyway, YOU might as well do what makes YOU happiest- One can’t fake that- you is or you aint! I DIDN’T choose music- IT chose me.

“As far back as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a gangster.”

–  Henry Hill, Good Fellas

“Nice Instrument, Whad’ya Feed It?”.                                                                               Ah yes, New Year’s Eve, The Gold Monster And I Playing The Drake.

Arnold Faber & The Gold Monster Groovin’ At The Drake Hotel Toronto, Canada Video: Shelly Faber


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