There Is No Such Thing As ORIGINAL Music

It has been said that there is no such thing as original music. I am inclined to agree with that. I believe that we are constantly rearranging, re-approaching and re-presenting preexisting musical concepts relative to our passion, environment, experience(s) and abilities (all being much like mirrors under certain lighting conditions). From my perspective, this is done with the hope that someone will relate and benefit from MY offering(s) in exchange for currency with which I can subsist in order to develop and output more musical offerings of performance and/or attainable product. The concept of original really should apply to the marketing approach as well as the music. If the sincerity factor is present on all levels, original should be interpreted as from me, and there is only ONE me! With the ever changing communication media and technology, we can easily and should get to know artists of interest. Each of us in the art community is an original in his/hers own right and deserves the *scrutiny. That being said, I really feel that it is the artists’ responsibility to avail themselves to as large an audience as possible. *The artist should have an innate feel for when the product is complete; to be exposed in accordance with the timing and passion with which it was conceived is, as key as releasing that product to the correct market. Otherwise, the choice is Walmart, fast food, pop out surfboards, what finally happened to Charles Ingalls’ furniture business… etc., etc., etc.. “Bb’s a great note- Beethoven used it plenty of times” – Charlie The Tuna Walk In Tune!, composed by yours truly.


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