Love Playing Your Instrument- Don’t Just Bleed For It

I am a drummer who LOVES to drum. Hand drums, kit, basically anything you hit to MAKE MUSIC. I also developed a passion for mallets to get closer to melody and harmony.

I am a composer who LOVES melody. I love to compose, tunesmith and arrange any configuration of instruments from solo to…; I love all genres, ANY good music.

My obsession with music involves focus, discipline, commitment, schooling etc. But, you know what? I really have a good time. I don’t compete with anyone, I share whatever I have and generally figure out ways to navigate the music industry with as little muss or fuss as possible. (granted, 24/7!)

My If My Mallets Could Talk Sketches have been so much fun to do and share. I don’t even know or care how many I end up doing; if I get an itch, I scratch it!

After 40 years +, I still love playing; it delights, entertains and energizes me.

Chicago’s Saturday In The Park starts with a memorable piano intro. This tune really makes me think of summer. I had to try it on vibraphone!



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