If You LOVE Smoke On The Water, Learn It!

The Incomparable Freddie Green

I used to envy how comfortable guitarists looked when they sat with their legs crossed, just strumming along. I mean, they just looked so content; I either had to lug my drum kit or my vibraphone and kill myself setting up; you know, the old first to the jam/rehearsal/gig, last to leave syndrome… no wuh left in me to actually relax, enjoy the music making process involved.

I have come to realize however, that whether you play tuba or kazoo, you have to find a way to relate the fun part, that is to connect your quest for mastery to why you fell in love with music in the first place.

I really think that applying your instrument to the music you relate most to, (I don’t care if it’s classical or Sephardic Klezmer!), will strengthen your connection to your weapon of choice, accelerate your practice habits and most of all allow you to get the most from the art form you chose to get involved with.

If you LOVE Smoke On The Water, learn it! Even if your instrument is a piccolo!


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