T.O. Jazz Festival at Gate 403

I won’t soon forget my Toronto Jazz Festival gig at Gate 403. It was memorable not only for the music and musicians but as the Globe & Mail put it, “It Was The Day Toronto Grew Up.”

Sat. June 26,2010, will forever remain an infamous day in the city of Toronto, as G20 turmoil hit the streets.

But, at Gate 403, good times were had by all as a packed house at Gate 403 dug the sounds of Les Hoffman and his New Mynah Birds!


2 thoughts on “T.O. Jazz Festival at Gate 403

  1. Thoroughly dug this. It brings back memories of some weekend jams at the long-gone Ruby’s Piano Bar in Sarnia, around 1990… it was shaped like Gate 403, long and narrow. The owner’s son tended bar, and played drums. His musician friends would wander in as I noodled thru Elton and Billy (not knowing any jazz yet), and they’d show me changes to John Lee Hooker, B.B. King and even Miles’ All Blues. (When I asked where I could find a recording of All Blues, they said the Miles record was very rare! – because the Sarnia record store’s jazz department was three feet wide.)

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