To Tweet Or Not To Tweet? THAT IS THE QUESTION!

YouTube to show my work, Facebook & Twitter for networking, were all fun at the beginning. I connected with old friends, I got work etc..

Now I find I still get work, which is excellent, but there is very little of the exchange I enjoyed at first. I mean, collecting friends after sifting out hookers, hawkers and other MUSICIANS dropping videos and music on MY site, became a little tedious and time consuming so, I decided to devote that time (which, by the way, REALLY started to add up) to my own craft and getting ahead.

I have made peace between me and these networking tools and now utilize them for MY specific purpose. I put my craft on the table, display my services and am quite enjoying the yield.

For me, this really works. I can’t help wondering that if everyone thought their own purpose for social networking through, that the whole concept would yield more for all. Really, think about it

“It’s funny ’cause it’s TRUE…” Homer J. Simpson


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