Composing Music: Underscoring For The Movie “Life”

I can be inspired (or told) to describe anything with music, ANYTHING. For me it isn’t any different than an artist picking up paints, charcoal etc.. It has been said that if you watch an old movie for the first time, it isn’t old; I believe that if you listen to old music for the first time, you will also get in on a “new” experience. Music, for obvious reasons, leaves more to the imagination.

Having gone to school and lived there, I have blogged about how much Boston has meant to me over the years several times. I really adopted the city in my heart of hearts when I composed this piece, Green Line (The Heart Of Boston) to forever document our times there.

This is a version I did with Vibré, for the CBC radio show In The Key Of Eh. Sit back and ride the historic Green Line transit system with me under the historic city of Boston.





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