Hand Drumming Keeps Me “Tuned”

The Organic “Non Electric” Connection To The Drum Really Does It For Me.

Hand drumming keeps me “tuned” mentally for handling the gold monster! I started as a kit drummer and then wandered into congas, bongos and djembe. Although I spend most of my performance time on vibraphone, I truly enjoy my connection to hand drumming.

After the intense technical process of playing with four mallets, I enjoy the “organic” relationship of my hands connecting with any hand drum. Jamming, playing traditional rhythms, connecting one-on-one or facilitating a group workshop/performance are all very special communications to me.

I notice that there is such a wide range of personalities that are drawn to the basic call of the hand drum. Mostly, I observe, because it is a chance at some musical interaction with a very natural approach, leading to a very natural result.

The whole idea of hand drumming with one person or a group is very social in concept and for me always leads to a rewarding communication and exchange.



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