Vibraphone Is To Me, As Drums Were To Keith Moon

What I love most about Keith Moon is that he played with complete abandon. I could go into musical aspects but for me, his attitude, connected to his ability, gave him the persona that we actually saw/heard.

The nature of my instrument (the vibraphone) is much like singer Anne Murray’s voice. Once, during an interview, Anne Murray said that no matter how hard she tried, she always sounded like she was singing while laying down. SNL once made fun of singer Perry Como in a similar way as he had those similar velvet (for lack of a better word) qualities.

Well, the vibraphone is very much in the same category of the above. Its got a truly gorgeous sound that is very compatible with most other instruments when scored; its transparent qualities are really the challenge.

Creating expression of “consequence” has always been my major challenge on the instrument and I am constantly stretching the vibraphone’s sound qualities into new frontiers.

For me, it’s not about how I think it should sound; it’s not about what I think my audience would like– I really HOPE my audience likes what I’m offering ’cause this is me; this is what I’ve got for ya!

I have been captivated by this wonderful instrument for the last 45+ years and look forward to continuing until I can’t!


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