Scenario: David & Goliath Fuse Metal To Jazz

Date: Jun 20, 2009 06/20/09

Session #5 (3 Hours) Mixing

In The Booth : Arnold Faber & Mike Peters

Segment: Duets 1 Composition: Metal Vibe Faber

Wow! 16 cymbals, 9 drums & a vibraphone with an extra 1/2 an octave; I knew this had to be approached in a different way. Having been recorded very well, Mike Peters prepared for me coming over with just some general EQ and volume adjustment. Upon listening to the rough mix, it was apparent we had a musical David and Goliath scenario!

First we addressed the 2 bass drums: 2×24″ cannons that simply do not quit! Cam Warrack (AKA Cangron Waraxe) creates this drone that musically supports the whole piece. I wanted mid-ground between round & flat; Mike obliged brilliantly.

The toms were pretty close so, we really just adjusted the volume. We EQ’d the cymbals to really enhance the way they function in this composition;

Cam is so musical that he created very musical phrases utilizing all of them. Between the cymbals and drums we realized we actually had a mini orchestra and respected the hierarchy according to role played. Cam is meticulous with his tuning in all his drums and his snare recorded beautifully; again just some volume tweaking.

The vibraphone: again recorded very well, just a few minor clips to deal with then the EQing. By nature the vibraphone is very transparent. You also have volume issues related to high and low octaves as well as dynamics and dampening related to those particular octaves. Lots of fun! Besides just volume, this also needed to be addressed with “PRESENCE” or known digitally as “AIR”.

Thanks to Mike Peters and his Twin Diamond Recording Studio NO PROBLEM! There was great work done today. One more session and it’s in the can!


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