“What Is Hip? Tell Me Tell Me, If You Think Ya Know”-Emilio Castillo:Stephen “Doc” Kupka (TOP)

Still kickin’ after all these years!

When Pop Muzik, the 1979 hit song performed by the British band M came out, I thought it was the most outrageous thing I had ever heard! I heard it again not to long ago and it sounded dated, almost corny.

It is very interesting to me how the ear is constantly developing and accepting “new” sounds even as I write this. What is just as interesting is how some music stays “fresh” and inspiring. While I realize that this is strictly subjective, relative to the person listening, I am fascinated by the phenomenon in every genre!

I made a short list of what I consider “like” comparisons. Some classic different genre examples (that seem to my ears) of DATED vs STILL FRESH:

DATED                                                    STILL FRESH

In The Mood,  Glen Miller                         Swing, Swing Swing  Benny Goodman
A White Sport Coat, Marty Robbins        Walkin’ After Midnight,  Patsy Cline
Be My Baby,  Ronettes                            Where Did Our Love Go, The Supremes
Blueberry Hill,  Fats Domino                    Walkin’ To New Orleans,  Fats Domino
Street Fighting Man, Rolling Stones         Sympathy For The Devil,  Rolling Stones
Circles,  The Who                                    My Generation,  The Who

Try this, you may be amazed at YOUR results; as a composer and lifer in music I find this to be a very interesting exercise!

Tame In 2011!


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