British Invasion, Blues, & Less Is Best

The British in the mid-fifties:early sixties loved all the North American music product; Blues, R&B, Country- you name it. They tried so hard to emulate it; in my opinion they didn’t even come close!

But, what they came up with, turned into their OWN sound and actually became something WE tried to emulate; which just became another effort of some kind.

Their attraction to the blues is easy to understand. It’s straight ahead technically, fairly easily attainable from a musical point of view and, practical enough to produce in any instrumental configuration; truly, a little goes a long way!

Being a minimalist at heart, I have always loved blues and enjoy listening to and playing all varieties of it. To say it’s honest music in blanket statement would be to err. It would be up to the artist to offer an honest rendering of a music that evolved honestly; this we could say of any music although the intent of the composition/performance may differ.

Some of my favorite examples of this era would be The Animals, Yardbirds, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin & Van Morrison/Them.

Less is best is a concept I try to employ in a positive way to my art form and LIFE logic; it also describes the approach of most of my mentors.

This blues standard written by Big Joe Williams has been in my head since I heard Van Morrison sing it with Them years ago.


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