A Successful Music Clinic VS Look At Me, I’m Really Good!

My formula for a worthwhile clinic:
Presentation w/interaction + inspiration w/guidance= SUCCESS

I have attended and conducted many clinics and live by the above. It is important to me that everyone present take with them something they can use to get a little closer to where they want to be with their music.

I have attended all kinds of circuses, medicine shows and demos. Among the finest I have seen for drumming are Bill Bruford , Tommy Igoe & Jim Riley. These guys are real educators and REALLY care about the attendees getting something to take home.
I know it’s a short list; being a good clinician, like being a good teacher, is an artform in itself! A clinician wields the same power and has the same responsibility as any teacher.
BE SURE TO CHECK OUT (I’m looking forward to it):

The Dom Famularo Drum Clinic

The #1 clinician of 2009, as voted by readers of Modern Drummer, will be at Just Drums on September 23th, 137 Willowdale Ave. Toronto, Ontario, Canada M2N 4Y3


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