Music: To Buy Or Not To Buy, That Is The Question!

In my opinion:

Everyone wants to be recognized. Some of us will spend our whole careers trying. Being recognized, for me, means, actually establishing an audience with whom I can form a symbiotic relationship.

Conventional business thinking states that one has to spend money to make money. I believe this to be true in ways that are constantly evolving; relevant to our changing marketplace (not to mention the accessibility yielded by ever changing technology).

For ME, free tracks are a way to advertise my craft (i.e.”the cost of doing business”). I believe this to be an important part of a sound strategy (NPI). Wanting your music out there but, NOT wanting any of your music offered for free, would, I suppose, be like a store owner leaving his store and, not locking the door to where the goods are; all the while hoping people will do the right thing. There is a balance evolving here.

For ME, incorporating the above into a business strategy, seems to make sense, and good business!

The point: “pirating” is not about ethics or stealing at this juncture- it’s simply a reality
; to be used to the best advantage possible and as a tool to serve artists’/audiences’ needs in a mutually beneficial way.


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