It’s About Balance; Things We HAVE To Do:Things We WANT To Do

I always relate life to rhythm/rhythm patterns. Rhythm intensifies with subdivision; babies crawl, walk and then run! Life is necessarily a momentum to be relished and built upon in general.

When I meet a student for the first time, I explain that there are so many things in life that we HAVE to do. Young Students: HAVE to clean up their rooms, do well in school, listen to their parents… Adult Students: HAVE to take care of business, pay bills, family responsibilities…

MUSIC IS SOMETHING EVERYONE SHOULD DO FOR THEIR OWN ENJOYMENT; if it becomes stressful, they simply shouldn’t do it. It sounds simplistic but, sometimes young students do things strictly for their parents or peer group and continue even if they don’t enjoy it. When they can’t evolve “instantly”, they get frustrated and all kinds of attitudes surface. I suggest, DON’T continue (for sure not with me)!

Adults have other issues. Fear of failure or fear of looking like an idiot while learning can impede the most gung ho student. They try to reinterpret instructions, move along at a quicker pace than they are capable of or, are simply too preoccupied during a lesson to enjoy it. If they can’t clear their slate for an hour, for something they love, it will not be enjoyable or worth doing.

It’s about balance. Things we HAVE to do:things we WANT to do. It actually works this way right across the board-  it took me years to be able to enjoy both in context!

Eat this ’cause you want to- not ’cause you have to!


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