My Students Can/Should Be Better Than Me, Then I Can Say I Taught Them!

I know that many teachers are “selective” with the knowledge they impart.

Maybe it’s ego, maybe it’s fear- I really don’t know but, I can’t say it doesn’t bother me. In many ways it’s a lot like parenting and we all know the harm mixed messages from convenient parenting causes.

I went to a beginning level hand drumming workshop the other day with the intention of going to the advanced class later in the day. I had introduced myself as a professional educator/percussionist. They welcomed me and said they knew of some of my work. At the end of the workshop, I went up to the teacher, thanked him and said I was looking forward to the advanced class.

At the advanced class, the teacher worked us to the bone- it was great. Towards the end, he worked his way around the students allowing solos coaching as he went, while the rest of us grooved on. He avoided me!

At the end of the session, he thanked us all for coming and stated that everyone must solo and hoped that that he didn’t miss anyone as he was looking at me. The person sitting next to me yelled out while pointing at me that I didn’t get my chance to solo.

The teacher looked at me and apologized, insisting that he didn’t see me. Well…

I obviously wasn’t about to kick up but WE BOTH KNEW WHAT WENT ON! So did the people that organized the session as they came up to me 3 times and asked if I enjoyed it.

Aside from the obvious, if you want to get ethical about it, I paid like everyone else did!


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