McHale’s Navy Theme By Axel Stordahl; A Living, Breathing TV Theme

Axel Stordahl: The McHale’s Navy TV Theme; AKA McHale’s Navy March

Axel Stordahl¬†developed his craft through the swing era by conducting and arranging for Tommy Dorsey and then on to be Frank Sinatra‘s “main man” through the Columbia years.

I really loved McHale’s Navy! Just thinking about it makes me smile. All these years later, the theme is STILL in my head when I think of that show. Now let’s go back to 1962; we are riding on the PT -73 and those marvellous swinging, syncopated lines build into Axel Stordahl‘s very memorable “McHale’s Navy March“, washing all over us…

*The TV themes that stay with me reflect every character, every episode, the times the series took place in AND the genre of theatre applicable; fresh forever in my music mind.

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